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Jackie Keish was awarded both a Bachelor's Degree in Special Education (Behavioral Disordered and Learning Disabled) and a Master's Degree (MA.) in Special Education/Diagnostician from La. Tech University. After working in public schools for ten years, Jackie worked in numerous volunteer settings such as the Shreveport, Dallas, and North Harris County Junior Leagues where she worked with the geriatric population, special needs children, and mentally retarded adult women living in assisted home care. She was also involved in diagnostic testing of children at Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas. After moving to California, she became President of the Rowan Branch of the Children's Hospital of Oakland, CA., raising funds for the burn unit.

Upon returning to Texas, she entered St. Mary's University graduate school (San Antonio, TX.) where she was awarded a Master's Degree as a Marriage and Family Therapist and received her Licensed Professional Counselor certificate. Also, Jackie received additional training through EEG Spectrum International (Woodland, Ca.) using neurofeedback therapy with certain maladies.

Awarded her Ph.D in Spring 2004, Jackie's dissertation topic investigated psychological responses of rapid weight loss due to weightloss surgery - Roux-en-Y.
Her interests and experiences with weight loss, eating disorders, and body image distortion have provided Jackie many opportunities to speak with parent and teacher groups, schools, youth groups, and church organizations, and she remains a sought after speaker.

Married for almost forty years and the mother of two daughters, Jackie's life experiences serve her clients in an accepting and understanding atmosphere.

Dr. Keish specializes in relationships with a focus on marriage and family therapy and premarital counseling. Respectful of the ever-changing definition of "family," Jackie counsels individuals, adults adolescents, children, and couples facing communication difficulties, parenting issues, divorce, blended families, sexual dysfunction or confusion, life transitions, depression, anxiety, abuse, trauma, and grief.

Also, formally educated as a special education teacher and diagnostician, Dr. Keish is adept in dealing with learning difficulties such as ADD, ADHD, LD, RAD, and the effects these challenges have upon the student and the family. In this regard, she has seen remarkable results utilizing neurofeedback therapy with this population as well as with those suffering with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other challenges.


Marriage and family counseling Southlake, Tx

Dr. Jackie Keish
Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Neurofeedback Provider, BCIA-EEG Certified
Clinical Hypnotherapist,
EMDR trained